Our Classes


Each level offers an opportunity to progressively deepen your practice and to explore new and increasingly challenging postures.  We encourage you to try out the different levels and find the one that suits your practice at any given time.

All Levels: designed for students wishing to deepen their understanding of the foundations of yoga postures. In the All Levels class, sequences are varied and include an emphasis on breathing and alignment. Students are encouraged to work at their own level.

Flow and Roll: an all-levels Hatha-based flow class finishing with myofascial release work. Each class will explore a Hatha yoga sequence focusing on breath, alignment and fluid movement and will finish with a deeper release into the muscle and fascia using targeted myofascial rolling. The benefits of including myofasical release work as part of your yoga practice include the physical release of muscle knots and tight fascia, an improvement of blood flow, and improved range of motion.

Hatha Flow: in this faster paced class, you’ll find sun salutations, breath work, intermediate poses, as well as guided relaxation. Some yoga experience suggested. Great for challenging your strength and flexibility.

Hips and Hamstrings: a yoga class geared towards runners, cyclists and anyone experiencing tightness in their hips and hamstrings.  A range of poses and movements will be explored to invite greater flexibility, strength and mobility for fluidity and ease of movement.

Kripalu Flow: approaches asana practice with emphasis on meditation and breathwork, and encourages inward focus and spiritual attunement on and off the mat. Kripalu Yoga supports physical healing, psychological growth, and spiritual awakening. The three stages of Kripalu yoga include: willful practice (focus on alignment, breath, and presence), willful surrender (holding of poses), and meditation in motion (the body’s complete release of internal tensions).

Level 1: a great class for beginners or for those with a little experience wanting to explore more challenging postures.

Level 2: Refine and Deepen: for regular practitioners with yoga experience, this class is an opportunity to refine and deepen your practice. Using props, longer holds or flow supported by your curiosity, this is the class for you if you wish to delve deeper into specific areas of your body, refine your experience of alignment and play!

Lunch Flow: a 60 minute flow class to refresh your midday!

Morning Muesli: this morning class is a combination of sun salutations, hatha asanas, qigong movement, pranayama, self massage and simple meditation techniques. The purpose of the class is to create space in the body and foster self compassion and self awareness

Restorative: in this bliss-filled class you are invited to fully relax, release and rest your body in Restorative yoga poses with the support of bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets. As you surrender and soften into each pose your body’s energy and nervous systems are restored and replenished leaving you feeling rejuvenated. It is suitable for all levels.

Restorative and Yin Yoga: in this class you are invited to fully relax, release and rest your body in comfortable restorative and yin poses with the support of bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets. As you surrender and soften into each pose your body’s energy and nervous systems are restored and replenished leaving you feeling rejuvenated. This class is suitable for all levels.

Ropes (Yoga Kurunta): explore familiar postures and your relationship to gravity in a fun new way with the assistance of wall ropes and slings! Learn more about Yoga in the Ropes. Class size is limited to 12 participants.

Slow Flow: a 60 minute gentle practice to encourage connection between breath and body.

Strength and Soul: full-body asana practice to challenge your core strength, determination and stamina. This practice will challenge your mind and body. A strong mind is a flexible mind. This yoga class is for the confident beginner to the advanced practitioner. The goal is to challenge you to learn how to use your energy, strength and breath in order to flow in the movements and find your true power, which is in your Body, Mind & Soul.  Make a change in your practice. Body and Mind are not separated. Bring your Tapas (determination) for this practice. All welcome.


Kids Yoga: age appropriate kids yoga poses, yoga games, brain gym and breathing exercises, energy tapping (EFT), creative movement, yoga nidra, and meditation will increase your child’s balance, coordination, strength, flexibility and focus and will teach them calming and coping strategies to manage challenging life situations. Learn more about Kids Yoga and special Kids Yoga classes on PA Days. Drop ins welcome! Join any time!

Teen Yoga: opportunity for students to learn the fundamentals of yoga, movement therapy, meditation, breathing exercises, Brain Gym and Yoga Nidra.  In this supportive, non-competitive, fun environment, students will gain flexibility, strength and focus while increasing self-esteem and confidence.  Students will also learn stress reducing techniques such Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), calming strategies and have an opportunity to rest and relax. Open to kids 12 – 16 years old (exceptions can be made) Learn more about Teen Yoga.

Parent and Peanut: enjoy a playful class for you and your baby, geared to peanuts within their first 12 months. Drop ins welcome! Join any time for a pro-rated fee! 

Prenatal: this yoga class is geared for all stages of pregnancy and all levels of practice. In the community of other pregnant women, you will explore breathing practices and postures intended to help you connect with the different stages of pregnancy, while preparing you for labour and birth. Drop ins welcome! Join any time for a pro-rated fee! 

Yoga for Stiff Guys: this class is for Dudes only! If you’ve always wanted to try yoga or simply want to incorporate a little “stretch” into your workout routine, then this class is for you. It is specifically tailored for men and focuses on strength and flexibility. Drop ins welcome! Join any time for a pro-rated fee!