Yoga in the Ropes

Curious about Yoga in the Ropes?
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Or, join us for regular Yoga in the Ropes classes and workshops:
Space limited to 12 participants.  Email us to book your spot! 
Drop-ins welcome if space permits.

Weekly All Levels Ropes Class
Thursdays 5:30-7:00pm – with Kristin
No longer a pre-registered class, starting September 6, 2016

Yoga in the Ropes Workshops with Kristin
Sundays 12:00-2:00pm
Nov 20: Standing
Dec 18: Back bending
Jan 29: Twisting
Feb 26: Forward bending
Mar 26: Hips and Shoulders
Apr 30: Spinal Rejuvenation
May 28: Inverting
June 25: Restoring
$25+hst per session or
$160+hst for all 8

A practice of going deeper with support. Come explore your relationship to gravity, yoga asana and support in a different way. This series will delve deeper into the variety of postures and movements we may know from our yoga practice, and how the ropes can offer a new perspective and change our experience of breath, movement and alignment.
ropes wall

iyengar-hangingCreated by BKS Iyengar, the Yoga wall was intended as a prop to support those with limited mobility, allowing them to experience the benefits of Yoga, and asana, with support. It is often called Yoga Kurunta, from the root Kurunti meaning to hang like a marionette. Since then, it has evolved as a tremendous, effective tool to explore our relationship with ourselves, and our practice.

Originally straps, blocks and ropes were attached to hooks on walls. We are excited to have the Great Yoga Wall system at Sukha Yoga Centre, which stems from the 1980’s design of Kedric Wolfe who devised the simple, beautiful and versatile system.


The support of the wall allows practitioners to deepen, strengthen and open in new ways, refining their movement, poses and breath. Being supported offers the space and opportunity to explore, get curious and sustain our asana. We may experience the activation or release of certain muscles differently than in our regular practice. Yoga in the Ropes literally affords us a chance to change our relationship to gravity in ways that may not be familiar, or even possible, in our practice off the wall on our mats, and in our lives. These new experiences and fresh perspective may filter back onto our mats in our practice off the wall as well!
Inversions or poses that may not be available or accessible with ease regularly, are entirely different using the sling and rope supports allowing your spine to traction and release without compression of the spine or neck. Poses often held only for short periods by necessity are given more space and time for exploration as a result of the support of ropes, slings, belts, wall.

Yoga in the Ropes helps develop new understanding and confidence, exploring beyond the asana, our relationship to support and our current moment capacity to receive and release.

“I always look forward to attending Ropes classes. My body and mind respond in ways unlike any other yoga experience I’ve had; and it’s brilliant to practice postures hanging from a wall!! Though I attended my first class with a bit of trepidation, Kristin’s gentle and joyful guidance and support made any fears dissipate quickly. I’m so glad I found my way to her and her studio!!” – Edie T.

“I’ve been practicing yoga for nearly a decade, and will admit, I do not always find it easy to ‘let go’ and be in the present…until I experienced Ropes. I find that while practicing in the ropes, it is easier to just let go and have a real sense of relaxation and “soupy-ness”. The ropes allow me to be present without having to also be focused on muscular effort and posture (which is important of course), because they assist the posture so well! Doing Downward Dog while in a sling, shifts the pose and gives support to the length of my spine and posterior lift that feels so wonderful. Doing a headstand or child’s pose inverted, without compression in my spine, is so unbelievably satisfying. I would encourage all to experience a Ropes class. It is conducive for all especially if you are suffering from chronic aches; the sling acts as your support while you ‘hang out’.” – K.Ob.